Blackjack rules

Learning how to play black jack games has its rewards. We have compiled a guide that will you help you master the game and win every time. The guide is expertly crafted to help players who want to learn how to play blackjack at home or players who want to play on online casinos like pros. We have also laid out all the basics of the blackjack games. Over time, players and enthusiasts become professionals by following our guidelines.

Playing begins with learning all the rules of the game. We have covered all this so that you can know when to hit, stand or double when playing blackjack. There are also gambling terms that are covered here. For example, ‘’what does hard or soft mean in blackjack’’? All the content is simplified to help you master the game in minutes. We also have a strategies page that has expounded on how to bet on blackjack.

Blackjack rules

Rules of blackjackare pretty simple for beginners and any gambling enthusiasts looking to try out their luck in the game. Blackjack rules are universal for both online casinos and live blackjack casinos. Different versions of the game are available. The rules are standard for all the versions.

It is important for players to have an idea of the simple blackjack rules which are explained below:

  • A player is dealt with cards with face up.
  • The dealer is also dealt with two cards, one with a face up, the other with a face down.
  • Dealer announces the value of the player’s cards.
  • The player shall decide to either stand, hit, double or split.
  • Depending on the player’s decision, the dealer proceeds to hand extra cards to the player.
  • The dealer also deals himself or herself extra cards as per blackjack betting rules.
  • Both the player’s hands and the dealer’s hands are compared to determine the winner.

From the above, it is clear that blackjack card game depends on choices. It combines the player’s skills and luck. The hand’s outcome is dependent on the choices the player makes as the game progresses. Each decision determines the game’s outcome. Below are some rules for a blackjack hand:

  • Stand- in case a player is okay with the hand value or believes the dealer will may bust for that session. The player should not take any more cards.
  • Hit- if the player wishes to increase the hand value, they should hit and request extra cards.
  • Split- if a player is dealt with a pair of cards, the player may split the hand. Players will pay for the extra bet and can play with separate hands against the dealer. Players can request for more cards.
  • Double- a player decides to double the bet amount and is dealt with one extra card. The player is required to stand after this.
  • Surrender- not all game versions have this option. A player may opt to give up one hand of cards.The player stands to lose half the bet.
  • Insurance- Players can get insurance that is half the initial bet amount if the dealer shows an ace. If he has a 21 of the total value of the cards, a player wins the bet insured.

Best way how to win at blackjack

Is it possible to win at blackjack consistently? As is the case with many gambling games, the answer is not straightforward. We have no straight answer on the best way to win at blackjack. However, with the strategies laid out in our guides, players can achieve this. Luck plays a vital role in blackjack games unlike the cases of poker which are skill-based games.

Techniques such as how to win at blackjack without counting cards were invented to help players have a upper hand against the casino. Players can employ our detailed tips, strategies and keys to winning blackjack games.


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