Blackjack strategy

Blackjack card game is simple. For some people, mastering it is not very easy. A blackjack strategy guide is one of the way through which players can learn and master the game and win consistently. Our guide on strategies for black jack for blackjack helps expert and beginners understand the basics of the game. We also have a blackjack sheet for players to help them be pros at blackjack tables.

Many strategies have been developed for blackjack. The blackjack hit stay chart is the mother of all inventions. It was made from mathematical solutions plus odds of every possible situation in the game. Players should not at one point deviate from the basic strategy chart which serves as a green light for any gaming session.

The blackjack simple strategy chart is as below.

Blackjack strategy

The image above is one of the simplest versions of the blackjack charts. It guides players on what to do whatever the situation during a blackjack game. The top most row indicates the dealer’s face up card while the column on the left shows the value of the cards on the players hand. Check the chart and make a decision. Regardless of the number of decks used and the variations of the game, the blackjack simple strategy chart is still applicable.

Strategies for blackjack in multi-deck games

Originally, the basic blackjack game only used a set of cards. Newer versions have since come up. Casinos adopted 2-deck, 4-deck and 8-deck variations of blackjack games. These versions came as a result of the invention of blackjack card counting strategies.

All the versions use the same blackjack cheat sheet as players cannot adopt the winning strategy without counting the cards. Other multi-deck variations have since been developed with minimal alterations to the blackjack cheat sheet. Applying the same strategy for all the deck variations in blackjack is not a problem as odds for all the versions are similar.

Strategies for blackjack switches

Changes during blackjack sessions are vital in some instances. A good example is the blackjack switch. Switches in a blackjack game simply mean that players can swap the cards between two hands. Players have the liberty of using cards from different hands at a time.

Below, we have a chart to explain and clarify on this strategy.

Strategies for blackjack switches

How to count cards in Blackjack

Blackjack card counting was invented by live gamers to help the players have an upper hand and beat casinos.The method was employed in a Las Vegas casino to prove its effectiveness. It did work and there are actual recordings of the instances where players applied card counting to help them win.

In blackjack card counting, players count the high cards and the low cards which they have been dealt with. From the values, they are able to determine the remaining number of cards to help them beat the casino. It is a mental strategy.

For any picture card or any ace that is placed on the blackjack table, the player should count this as a -1. Cards between 2 to 6 are counted as +1 and those between 7 to 9 are counted as 0. As a player masters the card counting technique, he or she needs to learn how to apply and adjust the game accord to the running count of the session.


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